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Harmonikids Events & WorkshopsMusic is a universal language. From tsunami-ravaged Indonesia to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, Harmonikids travels worldwide to bring the joy of music to special needs children - wherever they may be.

For information on how your organization can host a Harmonikids event, contact Gary Allegretto at (323) 605-8742 or e-mail

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January 18
Cathedral Home for Children
Laramie, WY

February 9
Diamond Childrens Hospital
Tucson, AZ

March 1
High Frontier Youth Facility
Ft. Davis, TX

April 8
Cochise County Youth Detention Center
Sierra Vista, AZ

April 27
China Springs Youth Detention Facility
Gardnerville, NV

June 1
Sacred Heart School
Oxford, PA

August 3
Ferris Youth Detention Facility
Wilmington, DE

August 9
Yavapai County Youth Detention Facility
Prescott, AZ

November 14
Access School for the Learning Disabled
Davie, FL

December 14
Delcastle Tech School for Learning Disabled
Wilmington, DE