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Harmonikids Events & WorkshopsMusic is a universal language. From tsunami-ravaged Indonesia to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, Harmonikids travels worldwide to bring the joy of music to special needs children - wherever they may be.

For information on how your organization can host a Harmonikids event, contact Gary Allegretto at (323) 605-8742 or e-mail

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February 4
Downtown Elementary School 5th and 6th Graders
Memphis, TN
Sponsored by The Blues Foundation

February 5
The Blues Foundation Keeping the Blues Alive Awards Ceremony
Doubletree Hotel
Memphis TN

February 19
International Folk Alliance Conference Harmonica Workshop
Memphis Marriott
Memphis, TN

March 11
Tucson Children's Hospital
Tucson, AZ
Sponsored by the Grobstein Family

April 9
Harmonikids JMT-Barbizon Fundraiser
Dallas, TX

June 9
Snowden Juvenile Home for Boys
Wilmington, DE
Sponsored by Hohner, Inc.

July 17
Tremblant Blues Festival Session for Children
Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
Sponsored by Hohner, Inc., Montreal Blues Society, and Tremblant International Blues Festival

August 6 & 7
Riverfront Blues Festival (visit their website)
Wilmington, DE
Sponsored by the City of Wilmington and the Diamond State Blues Society

August 10
Kay's Kamp Session
Middletown, DE
Sponsored by Hohner, Inc.

August 12
Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters
Norfolk, VA
Sponsored by Hohner, Inc.

August 13 & 14
Harmonikids Seminar, SPAH Convention
Virginia Beach, VA
Sponsored by Hohner, Inc.

September 10
Harmonikids Fundraiser Concert Grassroots Acoustica
Venice, CA

September 30
Denier Center Session
Durango, CO
Sponsored by Hohner, Inc.

December 9
Ronald McDonald House Holiday Session
New York, NY
Sponsored by Hohner, Inc.

December 18
Harmonikids JMT-Barbizon Fundraiser
New Orleans, LA